More plums than we bargained for…

Last Sunday was the first day that we could really get cracking in the kitchen, making use of the produce we’d already collected. The first weekend we arrived, we picked a huge bowl of mulberries from the neighbour’s garden, but we had to freeze them because we didn’t have time to turn them into anythingContinue reading “More plums than we bargained for…”

What a load of horse s**t!

As soon as we arrived in France, I ‘adopted’ 3 very sickly looking tomato plants and quite a few chilli plants from the local garden centre. Since then I have added to our little veg plot quite a lot, with the following: French beans from seed (had to be done) A cucumber plant A courgetteContinue reading “What a load of horse s**t!”

Bedding in!

Hi everyone! We’ve been here for a week now, but it feels like months! Just thought I’d give you a quick update to let you know how what we’ve been up to! In between unpacking, organising, working (we both got here and immediately logged on and continued our working week!) we’ve been able to getContinue reading “Bedding in!”

(not quite a) year in Provence!

Hi everyone! We’ve finally sorted the next stage of our journey into being able to own a smallholding and grow our own produce! To be honest, it’s slightly off at a tangent, but we’ve been offered an opportunity we can’t refuse… We have now sold our house (subject to contract, and the wind sailing inContinue reading “(not quite a) year in Provence!”