School Garden Design Workshop

Today I had the pleasure of working with pupils at a local school, Carrfield Primary Academy, as part of their ‘Eco Day’! I worked with four different year groups, first explaining to them how we turned our overgrown garden from this:

Clearing the Wilderness to Make Room for our Vegetable Garden

When we bought a derelict house and overgrown garden in August 2013, we were actually far more interested in what we could make of the outdoor space, rather than just focusing on inside! Both the front and back gardens were so neglected that we didn’t even know how much land we had, in fact weContinue reading “Clearing the Wilderness to Make Room for our Vegetable Garden”


Some very exciting things have been happening in the garden this week! The two big imposing trees that have been left to grow out of control and overpower the garden, are coming down! Tree 1 – The Giant Conifer Tree 2 – The Overgrown Christmas Tree I’m gutted that I haven’t actually seen any ofContinue reading “TIMBER!”

Renovation Project!

Since we got back from our stint in France we’ve been renting a lovely cottage on a farm, which has totally suited our needs as we’ve had a busy few years workwise and otherwise, but the one thing we were missing was our own garden to be able to get back into the lifestyle thatContinue reading “Renovation Project!”