As part of our new healthy eating regime, and due to the fact that I have more time to spare now we’re living in France, I’ve starting making smoothies and health drinks for us! Until now I had been sticking to basic combinations of citrus fruits with a few apples and strawberries thrown in, butContinue reading “Smooth!”

Bedding in!

Hi everyone! We’ve been here for a week now, but it feels like months! Just thought I’d give you a quick update to let you know how what we’ve been up to! In between unpacking, organising, working (we both got here and immediately logged on and continued our working week!) we’ve been able to getContinue reading “Bedding in!”

(not quite a) year in Provence!

Hi everyone! We’ve finally sorted the next stage of our journey into being able to own a smallholding and grow our own produce! To be honest, it’s slightly off at a tangent, but we’ve been offered an opportunity we can’t refuse… We have now sold our house (subject to contract, and the wind sailing inContinue reading “(not quite a) year in Provence!”

The Start of Scrummy

Back in 2006, when we first moved into our current house, we started a small veg patch. At that time, we knew next to nothing about gardening so we merrily planted all kinds of seeds and plants, not knowing what results we’d get. The outcome was a glut of tomatoes (6 plants is a fewContinue reading “The Start of Scrummy”

Welcome To Our World!

Hi! Just thought we’d start off with a brief introduction to our blog, and why we’ve set it up. We’re Richard and Helen Lee, we’ve been together for 10 years, married for 3. We both work for Helen’s family business, The Music Factory in Rotherham, where we both have very busy and fulfilling job roles.Continue reading “Welcome To Our World!”