Olive Harvesting in France

Happy memories of the time we spent living in the South of France, when one of our last tasks before heading back to England was harvesting the olive trees in the grounds of where we were living!

Lavender Recipes

Apart from growing fruit and vegetables, I’m also a little bit obsessed with lavender! It looks beautiful, smells divine, can be dried easily and you can also cook with it! Here are a couple of my favourite lavender recipes that go very well together for an alternative Afternoon Tea!

Happy Days

As you’ve probably guessed by now if you’re friends with either of us on Facebook or Twitter, we’re now back in the North of England after a wonderful summer living in the South of France. Here’s a little photo gallery selected from the 1,657 photos we took over the last 5 months! During the summerContinue reading “Happy Days”

Posh Pot Noodle!

I was feeling quite domesticated the other day, so when we had a chicken salad for lunch, I decided to use the remains to make a chicken stock. I was going to freeze it but the following day the weather was decidedly autumnal, so a warming soup was definitely in order! I found a recipeContinue reading “Posh Pot Noodle!”

Power Cut, Part 2

Previously… So we’re still in the dark, and Rich has been dispatched to find pizza, as it doesn’t look like we’ll be cooking tonight and quite frankly I’m starving. I have opted to stay here for reasons of a health and safety nature, as the fire is lit and I wouldn’t want to leave itContinue reading “Power Cut, Part 2”

Electricity, our Constant Companion

I’m writing this blog post by candlelight, as we are in the middle of a power cut. We were just about to start cooking our evening meal when we were plunged into darkness (and coldness, as we have just started using electric heaters) Of course, I won’t be sharing this post with you until ourContinue reading “Electricity, our Constant Companion”

Variations on a Houmous Theme

Hommous / Houmous / Hummus / Hummous – delete as appropriate! I have never quite decided how to spell it… Anyhoo, that’s not my point, this is: I have been making quite a lot of the stuff recently since I’ve stopped eating bread, as I’ve had to seek out alternatives to the usual lunchtime sandwich,Continue reading “Variations on a Houmous Theme”

Moules et Frites!

This week we have had the pleasure of the company of June and Ken Clarke, two very wonderful people who I’ve known all my life but don’t get to see very often. It turns out that June is a bit of a master at cooking moules, my all time favourite meal and one I haveContinue reading “Moules et Frites!”

Summer draws to a close…

It’s definitely the end of the summer here in France. Not because the weather’s changed, we’re still enjoying beautiful sunshine most of the time (although it’s raining as I write this) but because the ‘festival’ season is over. On our previous holidays in France we hadn’t particularly noticed the spirit of the ‘fete’ that takesContinue reading “Summer draws to a close…”