Barleymows Farm Shop: The Maize Maze

When we moved to the West Country in October 2018, one of the first things we did was to check out the local farm shop, Barleymows, and become regulars in the shop and the restaurant!

At the time, their annual Maize Maze had just finished for the year, but we soon discovered that this was something to look forward to the following summer! Fast forward 9 months and we’re now season ticket holders for the Maize Maze and play area that opens annually in time for the school summer holidays!

Our boys, who are now nearly 4 (in two weeks time!) and 2 and a half, absolutely love this place! There are so many activities to entertain them, that we can easily spend a whole morning or afternoon there and not run out of things to do!

A zip wire, a haystack slide, ride on tractors, a giant sandpit, trampolines, climbing walls, a skittle alley, a music wall, football shoot out, the list is endless!

The tractor ‘train’ ride was one of the highlights for the boys, Seb was a bit reserved at first but once he saw his big brother have a go, he was queuing up for the next departure!

The star attraction for Barleymow’s summer activities is the Maize Maze, but to be honest I didn’t think my boys would be too interested in this – I was wrong! Once I finally agreed to take two lively preschoolers into a 5ft high sweetcorn field… they had a ball! They both proudly carried a flag that was twice as big as themselves, and we negotiated our way around the series of pathways. We unintentionally turned this into an opportunity to learn our ‘left’ and ‘right’ as I kept shouting out directions as they were deciding on their next move!

This place is just perfect for us this summer, so good that we got a season ticket so we can return again and again! There’s so much to keep the boys entertained that our second visit felt completely different to our first, and there’s plenty to keep us coming back every week during the school holidays!

Barleymows Farm Shop is situated just outside of Chard, which is on the Somerset / Devon / Dorset borders, making it an ideal day out for families on holiday as well as people living locally. The farm shop and restaurant are also definitely worth a visit!

If you are holidaying in the area, you should also check out Forde Abbey!

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