A Lavender Garden in Provence, France

We’re taking a step away from our own garden in the West Country to share some images of my Dad’s house and lavender garden, situated in the heart of Provence in France.

I LOVE lavender, as readers of this blog will know… it looks beautiful, it smells incredible, it’s great for wildlife, it’s practical and it’s edible! What’s not to like?

So spending time in my Dad’s garden when we’re on holiday is always a treat for me. The beautiful french country cottage has a garden that’s rich with fruit trees and stunning lavender bushes.

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Vibrant purple Lavender lines the pathways, the driveway and bursts from flower beds at the front of the house, offering a haven for bees and other wildlife.

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The garden is filled with over 25 olive trees, some of which are over 100 years old and still providing a harvest every year. In 2011 we had the great pleasure of being part of the harvest, you can read all about our experience here.

Our outdoor boys loved exploring the garden, picking lavender to make natural playdough when the weather got too hot, and playing hide and seek amongst the olive trees!

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