How to Upcycle a Tractor Tyre in the Garden

I read somewhere recently that farmers have to pay to dispose of old tractor tyres, so they’re always happy for someone to take them off their hands, and immediately my gardening brain started whirring!

Richard texted the farmer next door to us and asked him if he had any tyres going… well… spare, and he immediately texted back and invited him round to take his pick!

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For a few weeks we have been planning to construct a sandpit in the orchard, to keep the boys entertained when they lose interest in helping with the vegetable garden but we want to carry on working in there, and we’ve been looking at various wooden and *shudder* plastic options. But as soon as we knew gigantic tractor tyres were going begging, our problem was solved!

The Delivery

Farmer Mike dropped off a range of tyres for us this morning and we immediately set about transforming the largest one into *The Best Sandpit Ever.

After a quick google, I found that Tesco were selling the cheapest play sand around (2 10kg bags for £4 at the moment, bargain!) so we headed off there to stock up.

The Construction

When we got the tractor tyre in place, we lined the base with an old ton sack that we had kicking around, and then stapled it to the rim of the tyre, so that the sand will be relatively well contained and not escape underneath.

Obviously we didn’t want the staples exposed to small fingers, so we dug out some hessian sacks that we’d bought in the sale at B&Q for 50p a while ago! We laid these over the staples, and we’ve glued them in place but also wrapped some colourful blue rope around them to keep them in place until we’re sure the glue will hold. The hessian gave it a rustic look as well as protecting little fingers!

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The Fun Bit!

Then the fun could begin! With great excitement the boys helped us to empty 12 sacks of sand into the tractor tyre, which was sufficient to get them going but we’re going to nip back tomorrow and get a few more bags, as we’d like the sandpit to be reasonably full so the boys can reach the sand without climbing into the tractor tyre if they want to.

By this time it was nearing 5pm and getting pretty chilly, but the boys had patiently waited and helped with the creation of the sandpit all day, so we let them get stuck in for their first play!

The Result!

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We’re really pleased with the end result, it looks great in the orchard, the boys love it, and it’ll keep them entertained while we crack on with digging over the vegetable patch and later in the season when we’re transplanting, weeding and harvesting!

Keep in touch with us on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram to find out what we’re planning for the other tractor tyres!

*according to Henry

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