Starting our Allotment Style Vegetable Plot

Another year, another vegetable garden!

Now we’re living in Devon, we’re getting stuck into creating ourselves a new vegetable garden!

We just have a small front garden at the house we’re living in, but we do also have a little orchard area that’s got lots of potential for growing fruit and vegetables! There’s a bare patch of land that used to house a chicken shed, so we’ve begun to dig that over and turn it into an allotment style veg patch!

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We’ve never grown ‘allotment style’ before, in the past we’ve always created raised beds or just grown from containers if we were short on space, so I’ve had to do a bit of research on the subject! Fortunately, Alan Titchmarsh has come to the rescue once again!

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I always used the garden planner to plan what we’re going to grow, I never tend to stick to the initial layout but the online software also generates you a planting plan (or cheat sheet, as I like to call it) which gives you a chart of when to sow and plant all your fruit and vegetables! It makes life so much easier!

We’ve been blessed with amazing weather this weekend, I got a new fork and spade for Mother’s Day, and so it seemed like the perfect time to get stuck in!

The boys alternated between ‘helping’ us by moving rocks and digging, and chasing around on their balance bikes and playing in their ‘campsite’ but by the end of Saturday we’d managed to get most of the patch dug over.

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In true ‘Lee’ style, after surveying the area we’d dug over, we decided it would be a waste not to extend the vegetable patch a bit further up to the grassy banking… so that’s what Sunday’s task was!

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However, keen to start sowing and planting, we focused on the bottom section of the patch, and got it ready for planting so we could sow some carrot seeds and get our growing season underway!

We’ll now continue to dig over the extended patch and adding more rows of seeds and plug plants as we go! Not the most conventional way of setting up a vegetable plot, but that’s how we roll!

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We hope you’ll continue to follow our new adventure in the garden as we get stuck into growing our own fruit and vegetables! For now, we’ll leave you with these images of Sebastian making friends with the garden wildlife!

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