Undercover Vegetables

When we began weaning Henry, he ate absolutely everything we put in front of him! Many of the purées we gave him (I wasn’t brave enough to do baby led weaning!) were made with homegrown fruit and vegetables, which progressed to him eating directly from the garden wherever possible!

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Fast forward 3 years and we have a very fussy preschooler, who snubs any veg that isn’t a carrot (I swear he’s turning orange) and any fruit that isn’t grapes. I NEVER thought we’d have a picky eater! Yet here we are.

I was starting to stress about it a little, because no amount of pleading or bribery would get Henry to try anything new, but then we decided to change our approach. We’ve altered a few things like making sure we all eat together as much as possible, and always offering him a range of fruits and vegetables (whether he eats them or not) but one of the main things that’s eased my worries is my ‘veg mix’ concoction!

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Inspired by Pam the Jam’s ‘Souper Mix’ in the River Cottage Preserves Handbook, I throw a mixture of vegetables into my food processor, and blend it until it’s a course paste.

I then freeze this in ice cube trays or small tubs, and I chuck it into every meal I cook! It reminds me a bit of the ‘weaning’ days when I used to batch cook purées!

I add it to shepherd’s pie, bolognese, chilli, sausage rolls (I make my own) even burgers.

It reassures me that Henry’s getting a hit of vegetables in every meal until he does begin to be a bit more experimental with food, and it also makes everything taste a bit better too!

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This little concoction also ties in perfectly with growing your own vegetables, because you can use up your inevitable gluts that appear throughout the season and nothing will go to waste!

Do you have any tips for encouraging a preschooler to eat? Please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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