Yorkshire Lavender

I’ve been writing a series of posts about kitchen gardens that are open to the public, and whilst this venue doesn’t exactly fall into this category, I think it can be classed as culinary so I’m going to include it here!

Yorkshire Lavender is a family run business set in beautiful countryside on the outskirts of York.

The simple yet stunning gardens are set over several acres and boast incredible displays of lavender of all varieties, planted in various formations including a maze and an incredible spiral of different coloured lavender bushes.
Also dotted around the landscape are a deer park, a pond and a selection of eye catching sculptures, all perfect backdrops for the amateur photographer!

Yorkshire Lavender’s tearoom, shop and plant nursery are also a big attraction for visitors.

The nursery offers a wide range of lavender plants as well as a large variety of herbs (ginger mint and chocolate mint being just two of them!)

The shop sells products made from Yorkshire Lavender as well as tons of other lavender based goods.

The tearoom though are definitely not to be missed! The homemade lunches are delicious and hearty and you can’t leave without trying one of their lavender flavoured treats! Scones, tea and ice cream are just some of the tastes on offer!

The Yorkshire Lavender gardens are free to enter and you can spend hours wandering round, relaxing and taking in the breathtaking views, making it a very enjoyable and affordable day out!

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