Garden Update May 2016

It’s been a glorious weekend in our part of the UK and we’ve made the most of it by catching up on jobs in the garden!


We did lots of tidying and planting; seedlings that we’d started in the greenhouse were desperate for potting on or planting out!


We planted out runner beans (although our neighbour, Ted, says they shouldn’t go out until the 15th of May – we’re playing it fast and loose with the rules) kohl rabi and sunflowers, potted on loads of brassicas and also some chilli plants we’d bought.


The greenhouse is now bursting including about 30 tomato plants (most of which we’ll be distributing amongst our gardening friends!) and plenty of pumpkin, squash and courgette seedlings that are finally making an appearance!


We’re also taking the opportunity to get Henry out in the garden as much as possible, he loves crawling around the grass and he sowed and watered his first seeds on Sunday! We needed to sow some parsley so we let him scatter the seeds then use his very own watering can – although Mummy got more wet than the soil!

We know he doesn’t really understand what’s going on at the moment, but he will do in time!

This weekend the blossom on our 3 flowering cherry trees has burst into life, which is quite spectacular especially on sunny days!

We’re hoping this good weather sticks around now so that the garden can really start springing to life!

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