3 Ways to Make Cauliflower Rice

For the past two years I’ve had surprising success with growing cauliflowers, given that they’re quite notorious to get right, and I have to ‘fess up I’ve done nothing special with them, just planted them alongside other brassicas and been pleasantly surprised when I see creamy white heads hiding underneath the giant leaves!

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Bit of a surprise today, cauliflowers everywhere!!

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I find they do all tend to be ready within a few weeks of each other, if not a few days, so I tend to make a lot of cauliflower rice that I pop into the freezer in portion sizes bags that can be grabbed and cooked from frozen in a variety of ways!

This really just involves either grating or finely chopping up the cauliflower!

I tend to grab the portion sized bags from the freezer half an hour or so before I start cooking just so it’s not still rock solid when I want to use it but it doesn’t need to be thoroughly defrosted.

Here are three different ways that I cook it, depending on what we’re eating it with, I generally cook this in a wok:


Chop an onion (or several depending on how many you’re catering for) and fry in oil (I use olive oil or if I’m being extra healthy, coconut oil) with a teaspoon of ground coriander and the same of ground cumin for a few minutes until the onions are translucent. Add the grated cauliflower and cook, making sure you keep stirring rapidly to get the cauliflower coated in the flavours from the oil. If it’s getting too dry or sticking, add a bit more oil. Fry this off for a good ten minutes so that bits of the cauliflower get some colour from the pan, I like it when some bits are crispy! The most important thing is to make sure it’s cooked long enough otherwise the water from the veg won’t have cooked off and no one likes soggy cauli!


Add some oil to a wok and add a good heaped teaspoon of paprika and one of chilli powder if you like some extra spice! Add the cauliflower portions to this and fry off, making sure you coat the cauliflower in the oil. Then add some peas and sweetcorn and fry for about ten minutes, same as above.


This can be done many different ways, just following any recipe for egg fried rice but substituting the rice for cauliflower, but here’s what I tend to do. Add some oil to a wok and crack an egg into it and scramble it loosely, then add your cauliflower and mix well. Next add some peas and sweetcorn and fry well for about 10 minutes, as above. You can also add some chopped spring onions a couple of minutes before the end of cooking so they still retain a bit of a crunch!

You can also add other chopped veg such as carrots to the mix!

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