Introducing Chickens to the Garden

We’ve been looking forward to having a small flock of chickens for several years now, so this was an essential part of the plan when we designed our vegetable garden!

After doing a lot of research on the numerous houses that are available, I settled on this one that we built and painted ourselves so it was inkeeping with the look of our cottage garden.

House & Garden 350 IMG_7070 IMG_7088

We sited the chickens at the back of the garden so they were away from our neighbours and we could allow them a large run, but as this is right against the field that borders our property, we spent a lot of time and effort to make sure the run and house were as ‘predator proof’ as possible.

We dug a trench around the boundary of their pen and lined it with bricks that had come from our house renovation. The chicken house itself is placed on slabs to keep it level and we surrounded the base with chicken wire too so Mr Fox couldn’t sneak underneath the house!

IMG_7148 IMG_7167 IMG_7069A local timber yard made us the individual panels for the chicken run, which we then constructed and painted to match the house!


We created a dust bath area from the base of an old wheelbarrow that had finally given up on us during the renovations, which the chickens are very pleased with!


Generally chicken runs are 6ft high to give humans room to move around when cleaning etc. but we didn’t want it to encroach on our views of the surrounding fields – after a year of scrambling around in the pen, I’m not sure if Richard still thinks this was a good idea!

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