100 Happy Days of Eating from the Garden

As soon as our vegetable garden was up and running in 2014, I set us the challenge of trying to eat something from the garden for 100 days before the end of the year, and I’m pleased to say we achieved that goal!

I recorded the challenge by posting a photo of what we ate or something relating to it every day (on Christmas Day it had to be a photo of Rich clearing the dishes in his party hat, as I forgot to photograph the brussels sprouts before we ate!)

I’m pretty proud of what we achieved in those 100 days, it taught me a lot about eating with the seasons and planning meals around what we had available rather than relying on the ‘oh so convenient’ supermarket shelves, so here’s an overview of some of the photos I posted!

To see the whole 100 days, as well as all my other Instagram content, follow me at @pickleshlee – hope to see you there!

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