Designing and Planning a Vegetable Garden

At the time that we bought our house with its overgrown wilderness of a garden, we had no idea how much outdoor space we actually had, but we were certain that whatever the size, a large part of it would be taken up by raised beds and become a productive vegetable plot.

Once we’d cleared the overgrowth I started to map out different designs using‘s garden planning software (this is by far the best software / app I’ve come across for this job, and I’ve tried a few!)

We allocated some space for a new driveway as we previously had no parking area, and we knew we wanted a new greenhouse to feature somewhere, but apart from that it was a blank canvas.

This was my first design:

Back GardenWe were very fortunate to have some expert help in the form of Monty Don visiting our garden as part of a TV show we had agreed to feature in, who advised us to make a feature of the greenhouse and not hide it away in the back corner. He also questioned why we felt the need for a lawn and we conceded that it was because, well, it’s ‘what people have in the garden’ – but that’s not really what we’re about!

I then went through various adaptations of the original plan, all quite rigid and angular, until it dawned on me that I really wanted a ‘cottage garden’ feel, and that simply didn’t work with straight paths and symmetrical beds.

A revised plan that was ditched:


I threw all the angles out of the window and created curved pathways (which also lead exactly to where we’ll want to go, and prevent us taking short cuts across the garden) laid out the raised beds in a very informal pattern and included different shapes and sizes so it would look like the garden developed ‘organically’. We decided we did still want some lawn area but that it wouldn’t be the dominant feature of the garden.

Here’s the final ‘on screen’ design before we started work:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 14.01.23A lot changed once we began the physical work; we switched the patio area and the lawn area round, moved the chickens over to the back right hand side where there was more room, and created a raised terrace area at the back of the garden to catch the last of the evening sun, which also meant moving the compost bins to behind the greenhouse – a much more sensible position!

Here’s a shot of the final result:


I’m in the process of creating individual posts about various aspects of the back garden to go into more detail about how we achieved the final look:

Building the Greenhouse

Constructing the Raised Beds

Creating the Path

Introducing the Chickens

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