Big Dreams, Small Spaces


As some of you may already know, we were also filmed for a BBC programme ‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces’ whilst we were transforming the back of our property from an overgrown wilderness into a productive garden!

Big Dreams, Small Spaces‘ was presented by Monty Don (legend) who visited us on several occasions to help and advise us as well as getting stuck in with the hard work! It aired in October 2014 but it’s repeated from time to time on BBC2 and now also features on Netflix!

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We had such an amazing time recording the show and it also pushed us to achieve a lot more in the garden than we would have done without the pressure of tv cameras following our progress!

We began filming for the show in October 2013 and the final reveal was in June 2014, and in that time Monty also paid a visit to us and helped us to plant a hedge at the very bottom of the garden, which instantly became known as the ‘Monty Hedge’.


Monty Don was as kind and knowledgable off-camera as he is on-camera, and he really seemed to enjoy his visits to our garden and certainly always got hands on with the gardening jobs! We learnt so much from him in the short time we spent with him, tips that I’m still using in the garden even now!

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Here are some individual posts of the various projects that we’ve undertaken in the garden, both on camera and off!

Clearing the Wilderness – working out what to save and what to sacrifice

Designing and Planning – trying to make sense of the space that we’d created

Building the Greenhouse – it seemed to be a fairly straightforward build…

Constructing the Raised Beds – taking our plans and making them a reality

River Paths through the Garden – putting the finishing touches to the garden

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Below are a few shots of the filming days for Big Dreams, Small Spaces. Filming for this show was such a wonderful, life changing experience and one that will stay with us always. Click on each image to see them full size and scroll through!

EDITED TO ADD: Click here to see how the garden looked one year on from the big reveal!

And click here to find out what we’re up to now!

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