Renovation Project!

Since we got back from our stint in France we’ve been renting a lovely cottage on a farm, which has totally suited our needs as we’ve had a busy few years workwise and otherwise, but the one thing we were missing was our own garden to be able to get back into the lifestyle that we love, growing our own fruits and vegetables and turning them into, well anything we can think of!

After an extensive search through Right Move and visiting several properties we were beginning to think that the ideal place just didn’t exist, until some very good friends of ours tipped us off about a house that had come empty next door to friends of theirs (it’s all about networks!) After sneakily peering through the windows a few times and assessing the size of the very overgrown garden, we decided that this looked like an ideal project. We managed to get in touch with the seller who, after some bartering, agreed to sell it to us without going on the market!


The house needs total renovation so it’s an exciting prospect to totally start from scratch with the decor, but the best part about it is, the garden is huge! Or at least it will be when we clear out the 20 years worth of overgrowth. We got the keys to the house in early September and the original plan was to move in, bring it up to a livable standard, attack the garden, then extend on to the side of the house in a year or so’s time. However, those plans changed once my Dad cast his eyes around the inside of the property…

Dad has always had a brilliant eye for house renovation and making the best of spaces, he actually built a house from scratch when I was little, and he quickly decided that if we moved the staircase, we would actually gain a whole other room upstairs! This would also give us a much bigger kitchen which is important to us; wheverever we live, the kitchen quickly becomes the heart of the home.

So work has begun on turning this little house on its head by totally changing the layout, as well as installing a new bathroom, kitchen, wood burning stove in the living room, skimming each room, replacing the heating system, rewiring the house, the list goes on….. and that’s not to mention the garden!

Here’s a couple of slideshows of the inside and outside of the house before we started ripping it apart, we’ll keep you updated on progress!

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