Made In Sheffield

No, this blog isn’t about steel, it’s about our recent visit to Bradfield Farmers Market!
I saw a reference to the market on the Saturday morning on the Our Cow Molly Facebook page,  and on impulse we decided to take a trip over there!
It’s held in Bradfield Village Hall every 3rd Saturday of the month, it’s not a massive venue but the stalls are packed in and there’s plenty to see and buy.
We visited and purchased from the following people:
The cheese stall selling locally made cheeses, there’s a huge range and samples of every one they sell, so we had a field day tasting before we finally settled on: Belton Sage Derby, White Stilton with Mango and Ginger, White Stilton with Garlic and Mushroom and Innkeeper’s Choice (pickled onion)
Tea Box – I made a beeline for this one as I have recently taken to drinking herbal teas, and I had seen mention of this Sheffield based company on Twitter. I decided on taster packs of Red Mojito Iced Tea (nice with rum apparently! Or did I dream that bit?) Fatigue Fighter and Masala Chai. I’ll report back when I’ve tried them all!
A local meat producer where we bought an assortment of cooked meats as well as some homemade potted beef (childhood memories aplenty!) pâté, potted lamb and mint, and even some mushy peas (Rich’s choice not mine).
We bought a couple of cupcakes as a treat for a Saturday night, and I enjoyed every bite of my carrot cake cupcake as Richard mmm’d and his way  through his raspberry and white chocolate one.
My personal favourite stall was Sheffield Honey. I have a longstanding dream of having beehives, no matter how many people tell me it’s expensive and hard work and dangerous, and it was a real pleasure to chat to the lady running the stall about how they keep bees, collect the honey and even make candles from the beeswax, what a lovely way to earn a living! We bought a little pot of blossom honey and I’ll definitely be going back for more!
What a great place, which apparently gets even better in the summer when cricket matches start taking place on the green behind the Village Hall, can’t wait for that!
The one thing we didn’t see at Bradfield Farmer’s Market was anyone selling jams and chutneys… Hmmm, maybe there’s room for a little Scrummy stall sometime in the future?

One thought on “Made In Sheffield

  1. That sounded like a great day! I particularly like the bit about the honey! I’ve wanted to keep bees myself for a long time but ive got a feeling it’s something I’m not going to get around to doing for a while! But they are just fascinating aren’t they! I don’t see why so many people don’t like bees?

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