Castle Hunting in Wales

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of being invited to the National Association of DJs‘ New Year Party, which was being held in Newport in South Wales. As it was quite a trip down there, we decided to make a weekend of it and do some exploring, neither of us had been to that area before.

Our plans were scuppered slightly on the Saturday as it was the first heavy day of snow we’ve had this year, so by the time we got to the hotel, we thought it best not to venture out again (little did we know that the snow would turn to rain about half an hour after we arrived…) but here’s a few of the places we did discover, once the weather allowed! Who knew Wales had so many castles! (ok most people probably did, but I was surprised…)

We only had our phone cameras for the weekend, so it’s all Instagram photos I’m afraid!

This is Tintern Abbey, a gorgeous ruin spread right across the village of Tintern.

We had a walk along the river opposite the Abbey, and even attempted to walk up to somewhere called the ‘Devil’s Pulpit’ although we gave that up as a bad job because we were running out of time and the path seemed to be going on forever…

After reading all the pamphlets in the hotel lobby we decided to seek out Caerphilly Castle because it looked interesting and is made out of cheese (ok not really.)

The main hall at Caerphilly was spectacular as a function room, apparently you can get married in there! I’m adding that to my list of potential venues for our second wedding, which will happen one day if I get my own way…

And, saving the best til last, was a total hidden gem, Castle Coch (pronounced more like ‘cough’ than, well, any other way you might be thinking of saying it)

What a gorgeous place! It was apparently a Roman castle but rebuilt in the Victorian era in a Medieval style, only a small place but totally stunning!

If you ever go, watch out for the spooky cleaning woman who wanders the halls with her tabbard and her duster. She’s not a ghost, but she creeped us out with her icy stares in every room we visited!

Thanks again to the wonderful hospitality of the NADJ Wales branch for a fab weekend, totally enjoyed ourselves!

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