Power Cut, Part 2


So we’re still in the dark, and Rich has been dispatched to find pizza, as it doesn’t look like we’ll be cooking tonight and quite frankly I’m starving. I have opted to stay here for reasons of a health and safety nature, as the fire is lit and I wouldn’t want to leave it unattended. Nothing to do with the open bottle of red wine. Whatsoever.

Before he left Rich said ‘will you be ok on your own?’ Kind, thoughtful husband. ‘Of course!’ I replied, thinking of the cosy fire and aforementioned vino. After helping him manually wrestle open the electric gates (we’re not posh, everyone round here has them, probably French law or something) I strode back up the drive quite enjoying the adventure. It’s only about 50 yards but for that short time I felt like a member of the Famous Five, wellies on, torch in hand.

So here I am back in the house, by the fire.

It’s very black outside those windows

In the five months we’ve been here, I have never heard that owl before.

That sudden flash of light was just the reflection of my torch as I moved. Of course it was.

I’ll put some music on…. Oh wait, we took the batteries from the radio to use in the torches. Well I’ll just enjoy the sound of the fire crackling instead.

That scratching noise is just a twig against the window pane, nothing more sinister than that.

Blimey, every time you open a door in this house, another one bangs shut. It’s just the draft. That always happens.

So glad that the last thing I did before I finished working tonight was write some creative copy for our 6 Mastermix Halloween albums.

Much later…

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