Variations on a Hommous Theme

Hommous / Houmous / Hummus / Hummous – delete as appropriate! I have never quite decided how to spell it… Anyhoo, that’s not my point, this is:

I have been making quite a lot of the stuff recently since I’ve stopped eating bread, as I’ve had to seek out alternatives to the usual lunchtime sandwich, and I much prefer to make it from scratch rather than have the shop bought stuff. Trust me, it’s quick and easy!

I found a recipe on the internet (after searching many websites and deciding they were all pretty much the same anyway) but I’ve also been experimenting with variations, so we don’t get bored of the standard houmous fayre (there we go, I have settled on a spelling).

I thought I’d document a few of my variations, so I don’t forget them, and so you can try them too if you wish!

This is the standard method I follow, most recipes call for tahini to be added, but you try buying that in France! So I leave it out and I don’t think it makes any difference. I have to be honest, I tend to add a touch more olive oil to compensate for the tahini, just to reach a nice creamy consistency. I use my food processor to blitz all the ingredients, and one tip I can give is don’t be afraid to keep the processor going for quite a while, until the chickpeas are well and truly mashed up. When I first made houmous, I thought that it was impossible to get the same consistency as the shop bought stuff, until one day I left the food processor going and wandered off. When I came back – perfect texture! It also helps to keep stopping it and scraping the bits down into the bowl!

Sundried Tomato Houmous

Large batch of sundried tomato houmous with some parsley sprinkled on top!

You need a jar of sundried tomatoes in oil. Leave out the lemon juice from the original recipe, and replace the olive oil with the oil that the tomatoes are preserved in. Chop up about 6 of the sundried tomatoes (or more if you feel like it, or have a jar to use up) and add them to the processor. Don’t make the mistake I did and add whole ones – the processor will not chop them up at the same rate as the chickpeas and you end up with whole tomatoes floating around. Kinda nice, but requires a knife when eating!

Basil Houmous

Stick to the original recipe (lemon juice optional, depends how you feel) and add a nice handful of chopped fresh basil leaves. I also have some basil infused olive oil, so I use this instead of the standard stuff. Yum!

Chilli Houmous

Fresh chilli that went into a batch of chilli houmous!

Standard recipe but with slightly less olive oil, and a dollop of sweet chilli sauce (preferably Scrummy sweet chilli dipping sauce, but as I’m not selling it at the moment I grant permission to use other brands!) Also, depending on how hot you like your chilli, add a freshly chopped chilli and garnish the top of the houmous with some!

Other ideas I’m pondering over at the moment include cucumber & mint, black pepper, and walnut (if the tree in the garden ever gives up its fruit!) I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!

6 thoughts on “Variations on a Hommous Theme

  1. Helen! Yet again you have provided a recipe for one of my favourite ever foods! Will definitely try these, thank you x P.S You should do a cook book…. seriously.

    1. Ha ha thank you! I think my friends and family will vouch for the fact that I’m not the best cook ever… however the one thing I have learnt while I’ve been out here is how to adapt recipes and create meals from scratch, rather than sticking to something by the letter. I’m kind of more confident in cooking now, I suppose! xxx

  2. Ooohh I did it, I went a bit mad on the garlic though so Im hoping no one gets too close! I did a Caramelized onion version. Yum! Cheers Helen x

    1. I did the same the first time I made it! Mind you, we eat that much garlic now, I don’t really care anymore! We just blend in over here 😀 x

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