Summer draws to a close…

Me at a Friday evening market!

It’s definitely the end of the summer here in France. Not because the weather’s changed, we’re still enjoying beautiful sunshine most of the time (although it’s raining as I write this) but because the ‘festival’ season is over.

On our previous holidays in France we hadn’t particularly noticed the spirit of the ‘fete’ that takes place right throughout the summer, but this year we’ve witnessed it first hand. Every weekend over the last few months in our little village of Montauroux, there’s been some festival or other, mainly musically based and usually accompanied by a market or boules tournament.

But now, it’s all over, signalling the end of summer. On the first of September, down came the staging that was set up in the village square, down came the bunting and flags adorning the streets, and down came the temporary bar (lovingly nicknamed ‘the shed’ by us) packed away for another year.

So whilst there’s that ‘back to school’ feeling here as in the UK, there’s almost a ‘post Christmas’ atmosphere too.

But now, we’re looking forward to watching the season change in this beautiful part of the world.

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