My Favourite Purchase

I’m not really into fashion, let alone blogging about it, but I just couldn’t resist sharing a few words with you about what has to be my greatest purchase ever!

I stumbled upon these little gems over a year ago, and I have to be honest, at the time of buying them it was more for the novelty, than for any practical reason. My husband, in the usual male way, questioned whether I’d ever get any wear out of them, and I reassured him and myself ‘of course I would’ despite not being overly convinced myself at the time.

Since that time, they have become indispensable! They are completely versatile, they go with anything (well I think they do) and I’ve received many an admiring comment when wearing them out and about, particularly in the restaurant on Christmas Day.

Anyone who knows me will already have guessed that I’m referring to my PINK WELLIES!

They’ve been in the sea, in the snow, the rain and now the sunshine! Here are a few photos from my favourite wellie moments:

At the pub by the sea in Dorset!
Paddling in Clumber Park Lake
In the sea!
On the beach in the snow on Christmas Day!
In the pool!

I love my pink wellies so much, that when I spotted a mini replica keyring in a slot machine at Bridlington earlier this year, I spent £3 worth of 2p coins until I won it!

I also won two flip flops before the treasured pink wellie finally decided to drop in the penny slot, which I now take as an omen, telling me I was going to live in hotter climes!

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Purchase

  1. Good old wellies!
    I have a pair of flip flops that I have a similar relationship with – they only cost me £7 but they’re like a second pair of feet to me and I wear them all the time! Not looking forward to winter when I will have to give them up, though…

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