What a load of horse s**t!

As soon as we arrived in France, I ‘adopted’ 3 very sickly looking tomato plants and quite a few chilli plants from the local garden centre. Since then I have added to our little veg plot quite a lot, with the following:

  • French beans from seed (had to be done)
  • A cucumber plant
  • A courgette plant and a few courgette seeds
  • Some pumpkins from seed
  • A squash plant
  • Lots of lettuce plug plants
  • Some rocket from seed
  • Some red cabbages and spring cabbages
I know, most of the plants listed above were planted or sewn way too late in the season, but if you don’t try, you don’t get!
This little lot are now contained within various compost bags and containers at the bottom of the garden which constitutes our vegetable plot! The ground here is far too hard and dry to have attempted to plant anything directly, and raised beds were a bit too much of a challenge for now!
I’m pleased to report that the tomatoes are doing very well, all 3 plants are boasting green tomatoes and flowers! The chillies are doing ok, but only a couple of them are flowering so far. The cucumber is a pleasant surprise as that has several flowers too, and I have always failed miserably at growing cucumbers in the UK!
I decided that the pumpkins and courgettes need a little bit of extra help to get them up to speed, so when I saw bags of ‘fumier de cheval’ for sale in the supermarket this weekend, I thought this would do the trick. I researched whether to sink the plants directly into this growing medium or not, and found several informal reports of pumpkins growing from compost bins and piles of manure, so I took the plunge and planted them straight into the bags. So I now have 4 pumpkin plants growing directly out of horse s**t, and they seem to be liking it so far!
I did however, leave one of the pumpkins, the squash and the courgette plant in their original containers and just treated them to a small helping of the fumier, just in case it proved too much for the test cases!

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