Bedding in!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been here for a week now, but it feels like months! Just thought I’d give you a quick update to let you know how what we’ve been up to!

In between unpacking, organising, working (we both got here and immediately logged on and continued our working week!) we’ve been able to get a few things done:

I’ve planted a few veg plants! It’s a bit late in the year now (too late, according to our French neighbour) but I managed to scrounge some tomato and chilli plants from the local garden centre. To say they’re looking slightly worse for wear is an understatement, but I’ve replanted them and I’m hoping with a bit of love, a lot of water and sunshine, they’ll catch up eventually! I’ve also potted on some chives and basil that I bought at the supermarket, and I’ve rather optimistically sewn some seeds – you never know! I’ve sewn rocket, radish, kale, french beans (had to be done!) and pumpkins. If they come up, bonus! If they don’t, nothing’s lost!

We’ve been round to the neighbour’s garden (with their permission) and picked about 2 kilos of mulberries! Quite excited about this as I’d never even seen a mulberry, never mind been able to eat or cook with them! We’ve frozen them for now as we’re a bit pushed for time, but as soon as I get chance I’m going to make a lovely mulberry jelly! It’s worth noting that if you are picking mulberries, expect yourself to soon be covered in a lovely deep shade of purple! Fortunately our neighbour had already warned us against wearing anything white…

We decided to build our own compost bin, because even if I don’t use the finished compost, I can’t bear throwing veg cuttings and egg shells into the normal bin. We chose a spot at the bottom of the garden, raided the sheds for wood (that we assume is going begging and not essential fuel for the winter…) and created a cool compost bin that Heath Robinson himself would have been proud of!

Rich has made at start at cutting the grass, which is not dissimilar to the painting of the Forth Road Bridge! To be fair it’s not so much grass, as random plants and other stuff…

of course this is all after it took him half an hour to get the tractor started!

So that’s what we’ve been up to this week! We’re off to Barcelona for a holiday tomorrow (I know, how dare we, etc. – but there are people coming here on a holiday that was booked before we embarked on our grand adventure, so we have to clear out of the way, and have always wanted to go to Barcelona!) so we’ll post another update once we’re back gardening again!

Much love!

Helen & Rich xxx

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