(not quite a) year in Provence!

Hi everyone!

We’ve finally sorted the next stage of our journey into being able to own a smallholding and grow our own produce!

To be honest, it’s slightly off at a tangent, but we’ve been offered an opportunity we can’t refuse…

We have now sold our house (subject to contract, and the wind sailing in the right direction, etc) and we decided that, rather than rushing into buying somewhere else in a panic, we would rent a house and take our time to search for the perfect property with the right amount of land. This also puts us in a strong position to be able to buy, when the time is right.

Anyway, long story short, we were kindly offered a place in France for the summer! We are still both able to do our jobs full time by working online and regular communication with the office in England, so there you have it, we find ourselves in France for the next few months!

We know it’s a big step to take, and may be meandering slightly from the path of finding our own place in the UK, but we feel it’s an opportunity that we’d be foolish not to take.

The other exciting thing is, the land surrounding the house in France already has established fruit trees (including an abundance of figs!) and plenty of space to grow a few summer fruits and vegetables. Local produce in this area is also in abundance, so we’ll be able to continue to develop our ‘Scrummy’ range of jams and chutneys. In fact, we’re going to attempt to sell a few things at local farmers markets, if we’re brave enough!

We’ve just arrived and we’re starting to settle in, I’ll let Rich take up the story:

Helen & Rich xxx

8 thoughts on “(not quite a) year in Provence!

  1. Living the dream, good luck with everything. We will be watching your progress x

  2. I saw your post on Gardening in Real life on Facebook. What a fun adventure this must be for you! There is a wonderful bunch of expats living in France that visit on our FB page. They all have their own pages and I am sure they would love to say ‘hello’ and help with any gardening or French living questions that might pop up. Stop by or email and I’ll be happy to share their pages and websites with you!

    Enjoy your place, it’s beautiful 😉

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