Welcome To Our World!


Just thought we’d start off with a brief introduction to our blog, and why we’ve set it up.

We’re Richard and Helen Lee, we’ve been together for 10 years, married for 3. We both work for Helen’s family business, The Music Factory in Rotherham, where we both have very busy and fulfilling job roles. We’re currently living in Mattersey, Doncaster, in a lovely old cottage, but at the start of this year, we decided to take the plunge and move house.

Not because we don’t like it here; quite the opposite. We adore our house, sometimes we even stop and question why we’re leaving it behind… but the reason for moving is because we want to live the ‘Good Life’. We want to have enough land to grow fruit, herbs and vegetables. We want to keep chickens and ducks and maybe even one day, bees. We want to be outside at every opportunity, planting, growing, harvesting, and putting our produce to good use.

The year we moved to our current house (2006) we started a little vegetable plot at one side of the garden with a few raised beds. The following year we added a few more raised beds, and a greenhouse. The next it was a pumpkin patch and fruit bushes, and we’ve got to the stage now where we’re using every spare inch of ground to grow, so we feel it’s time to move on!

A consequence of us growing so much fruit and veg is that we started making chutney, purely as a way to use up the glut of tomatoes and courgettes that we’d grown that year. We shared it amongst our friends, and it got rave reviews (and demands for more) so the following summer we decided to experiment with a few other pickles and jams. From that point on, Scrummy was born! We’ll tell you more about that in a future blog, but basically we sell to friends and family and hope to branch out to having a little sideline to sell at farmer’s markets and craft fairs.

One of our aims when we relocate is to be able to grow enough fruit and veg to supply the majority of the ingredients for our Scrummy products, whilst sourcing the remainder locally.

So that’s it in a nutshell, and the reason for this blog is to document our journey and our adventures along the way! We’ll add photos and videos on a regular basis, Helen will be doing most of the writing, and Richard will be appearing in most of the videos!

We hope you have enjoyed reading so far, and are inspired to follow our progress!

Helen & Rich xxx

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